There are many ways people use to clean their jewellery. Some raise my eyebrows! Unfortunately, some are not very effective and can even be very damaging to the jewellery.

The best way to clean your jewellery will always be to take it to knowledgeable jewellery store personnel. They will not only clean your jewellery safely, but they should be able to provide you with tips on how to clean your specific gemstone and what to use if you wish to clean it yourself at home.

At Aeron E. King, Goldsmith Ltd. we provide cleaning services free of charge (conditional to a number of pieces and time). We take the time to check the state of your jewellery, i.e. are there any loose stones, do you need new claws, is the shank too thin and at risk of breaking? By providing our clients with this information, they are then able to plan for upcoming repairs.

We also offer information on your gemstone, its hardness and toughness, as well as how to care for it in order to keep it in top condition. For example, opals are porous and need to be moisturized. It’s a good idea to rub your thumb on them when you apply hand lotion, something you would not do with pearls, another porous material.

We not only share our cleaning secrets with you (yes, we will tell you what we used to make your jewellery look so spectacular), we are also full of stories and lore about gemstones. For example, many people believe it is unlucky to wear opals unless it is your birthstone but that particular superstition comes from a novel written in the 1800’s (Anne of Geierstein by Sir Walter Scott), and not from ancient belief. In fact, throughout history, opals have been regarded as the luckiest and most magical of all gems.

So don’t squirt toothpaste on your engagement ring, come and see us for professional cleaning and advice.