Jewellery Appraisal Services

At Aeron E. King, Goldsmith Ltd, your jewellery is important to us. We have one of the best-equipped gemmological labs in the area to ensure all required testing is done without having to send your jewellery elsewhere. All appraisals are done by a qualified GIA Gemmologist & Appraiser. We offer a variety of appraisals and gemmological services:

      • Jewellery Appraisals
      • Identification/Grading of Diamonds and Gemstones
      • Consultations
      • Investments/Brokering Services


Types of Appraisals

Each type of appraisal has a unique function and purpose. We will provide you with the document that best represents your needs.

      • Insurance Appraisal
      • Estate Settlement
      • Divorce Settlement
      • Resale or Liquidation
      • Charitable Donation
      • Legal/Expert Witness


Identification & Grading Reports for Diamonds and Gemstones

Our Gemmologist can help when the identification of a stone is unknown. Your stone will be tested in our fully equipped gemmological laboratory for species and variety identification and natural versus synthetic. It will be weighed, measured, graded, and photographed. A grading report and diamond plot are available upon request.

Consultations (By appointment)

A consultation is helpful when you don’t know if the jewellery you have is authentic or what documents you need. Our Gemmologist & Appraiser can help you sort through your jewellery and gemstones and suggest the proper documentation for you, whether you are closing an estate or wanting an opinion on your personal jewellery collection.

Investment/Brokering Services

If you are interested in investing in a diamond or gemstone, Barbra Ann King can guide your choices based on market tendencies and predictions. She is particularly experienced with Argyle Pink Diamonds and can help you find the best stone for your portfolio. If you would like to sell your investment stone, we offer brokering services that are private and personalized.

Fee Structure

    • Appraisal Report (includes a hard copy and PDF copy of your documents) – $90/item
    • Appraisal Updates (from original appraisal written by Barbra Ann King) – $65/item
    • Gemstone and Jewellery Identification & Value – $35/item
    • Consultation (by appointment) – $150/hour (minimum half hour)
    • Investment/Brokering Services (by appointment) – $150/hour