Pearls are enchanting and precious. They have been passed down from generation to generation. It’s safe to say that most households have a string, or two, handed down from a family member.

Because they originate from seashells, pearls are often tokens brought back from beach vacations. They encapsulate beauty, grace, and tradition. Women of all ages embrace pearl jewellery. They can be worn with long evening gowns as well as blue jeans.

Pearls that have been gifted from generations back often need some loving and restoration. Once cleaned and restrung with a new clasp, your grandma’s pearl necklace can take on a whole new life, withholding the memory of its traditional owner.

Pearls require special care in order to prolong their beauty. They should be restrung by a professional that uses the proper materials and tools, whether you choose to have them knotted or not. This will help protect your pearls and allow you to wear them without damaging them. Pearls that rub against one another will deteriorate faster than a properly strung strand.

It is common to see heritage pearls in very short necklaces. There are ways to lengthen these smaller necklaces in order to make them into a size that is more convenient and wearable. Speak to your jeweller about the different ways this can be done.

Pearls should be stored separately from your other gemstones and metal jewellery to prevent any damage and scratches. They should not be stored in plastic bags as these can emit a chemical that will damage and deteriorate their delicate nacre surface. Their original jewellery box or an organza bag works best.

Pearls can be cleaned by using a warm, damp cloth. Gently clean each pearl individually and as often as you deem necessary. If you wear your pearls every day, they will need to be cleaned more often.

If you wear Eau-de-toilet, cosmetics, or hair products, it is best to apply them, and let them dry, before putting your pearls on. A nice way to do this is by putting on your pearls just before you leave the house, like the cherry on top of the cake, crowing yourself with this glamorous gemstone, whether you are wearing a formal outfit or your favorite pair of jeans and cowboy boots. They will make you feel special!

If you haven’t been handed down a strand of pearls and are now interested in owning one, go to our website at and search “Pearl Necklace” in our online store. You may be surprised to see how inexpensive a beautiful strand of pearls costs. The reason is that the market is overly saturated with cultured pearls. A quick Google search on pearl farms demonstrates how affluent this market is.

If you have any questions about pearls, please contact us or drop in.