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Meet Barbra Ann and Aeron King, a dedicated team, in life as well as in business. Their combined knowledge and expertise in the jewellery industry make them a trusted source for all your jewellery needs. They believe your experience in their store should be enjoyable and memorable, and they will make every effort to ensure it is.

Aeron E. King

Goldsmith & Designer

Aeron started his goldsmithing, diamond setting, and designing apprenticeship more than 35 years ago. He has won and received honourable mention for his designs from the American Gem Trade Association.

Aeron specializes in one-on-one jewellery designing with his clients and makes the client’s input come to life through his ability to interpret ideas and concepts. This process allows the client to have a piece of jewellery that is precious and meaningful. The high quality of craftsmanship makes every piece an heirloom.

Barbra Ann King, GIA GG, GD

Gemmologist & Appraiser

Barbra Ann has loved rocks since childhood which led her to pursue studies in Gemmology with one of the world’s highest authorities on the subject, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in Carlsbad, California. Barbra Ann identifies and values diamonds and coloured stones, as well as gemstone identification (including natural versus synthetic) and jewellery appraisals.

After earning recognition as a GIA Graduate Gemmologist, Barbra Ann pursued her education in gemmology by enrolling in the Continuous Education program offered at GIA, as well as completing their Jewellery Forensics program and the Expert Witness Engagements program with the American Society of Appraisers.

She has also taken the following specialized gemmological courses at the CGL-GRS Swiss Canada Gemlab:

  • Fluorescence as a Tool for Diamond Origin Identification
  • Screening and Identification of Natural and Synthetic Diamonds using Cross Polarized Filters
  • Advanced Diamonds Identification of Natural, Synthetic and Treated
  • Screening and Identification of Pearls and Jade
  • Identification of Green Gems with Portable Instruments

Barbra Ann’s passion for her work shines through the moment you engage in conversation with her. She is always more than happy to help clients pick the best stone for their custom design piece.

Nadja-Lina Eigler

Goldsmith & Bench Jeweller

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Nadja-Lina is born in Germany and comes from a goldsmithing family. She studied Goldsmithing at the Berufliche Schule in Farnmsen, Hambourg (Germany) while working full-time to complete her apprenticeship and become a Journeyman Goldsmith. Nadja-Lina’s love of travel inspired her to explore what was available in Canada.

She contacted Aeron E. King through the internet and, based on photographs of her work, was welcomed to the team. Nadja-Lina arrived in Cochrane with a backpack ¾ the size of her body and began her Canadian journey.