As one of the largest mining countries in the world, Canada has more than 60 minerals and metal produced and processed. Our beautiful country is recognized worldwide as having the safest practices in the industry. Mont St-Hilaire, located in the province of Québec, has over 300 different species of minerals but because it is privately owned, digging for these specimens is almost impossible. Nevertheless, the rest of Canada has a lot to offer, especially Bancroft in Ontario that boasts over 180 different minerals and access is a lot easier.


Amazonite is a beautiful bluish-green, mostly opaque gemstone and can be found in the Saguenay region in the province of Québec. It gets its green colour from traces of water and lead inside the stone. Its name comes from the Amazon River in South America. This gemstone was used in jewellery as far back as Ancient Egypt.

Eudialyte is a rare gemstone found in Mont St. Hilaire, Québec. Its colours go from red, violet, magenta, and pink embedded in a matrix of white and black. It is a very attractive gemstone with transparent to opaque areas all in the same stone.

The name “Jade” applies to two different stones: Jadeite and Nephrite, the latter is found in B.C. Commercial mining of nephrite started in 1972 but was discovered long before by Chinese settlers passing through Victoria, B.C. in 1886 while hunting for gold. At that time, Nephrite was considered worthless by European miners. Nephrite ranges from translucent to opaque and can be light to dark green, gray, black, brown and white. Nephrite has a mottled or streaked appearnace and the colors are more muted than jadeite. The Nephrite found in British Columbia is of high quality and is actively mined in three parts of the province, namely Dease Lake, Mount Ogden and Cassiar.

Canada can be very proud of its diamonds. Considered as the most beautiful and oldest in the world, Canadian diamonds are mined in accordance with sustainable development and are mined to the highest environmental standards in the world. Also, they provide social benefits to the northern communities and bring about important economic prosperity to the regions where they are mined. Canadian diamonds meet the requirements of the Kimberley Process and they can be traced back to the mine of origin as Canada is the only country in the world that traces the origin of its diamonds. There are active diamond mines in the North West Territories, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Québec.

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